Pastor Clint & Terri Smith

When Pastor Clint and Terri first came to Believers' Chapel in Cicero, it was so their children could attend the youth ministry programs. It wasn't long before they began attending themselves in 1995.

Soon, they were ministering to that youth group together. Through the years, Pastor Clint has been involved in many areas of ministry. At Believers' Chapel Cicero he taught Starting Point and led the Usher Ministry. He has spread the gospel of Christ on missions trips to New York City, Sri Lanka and, most recently, to India. Together, he and Terri have led several LIFE Groups around the area.

In 2010, Pastor Clint graduated from Believers' School of Ministry. Shortly after that, he and Terri began a LIFE Group in Auburn. That LIFE Group grew. It is now Believers' Chapel Auburn.

Terri's passion is to continue ministry to youth where it all began so many years ago. She desires teens and young adults to come to Christ, learn His purpose for their life, and make a difference in the lives of others.